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Teste environment management

Our customer demands constant system upgrade. They are sales campaigns, new technologies and development of new services that are designed to meet the needs of customers in a demanding and competitive market.

Developers use a test environment to simulate these updates. Thus, they can predict the impact of these applications on the real environment and evaluate the success of the project. To ensure the effectiveness of these tests it is necessary to provide a reliable environment to the production environment.


If managing a test environment is already an arduous task, imagine managing dozens of these environments. Only a dedicated and fully dedicated staff could do that.


It was then that ITShare entered this project.


The challenges had the same proportion of the amount of environments to be managed. Several different designs, for different applications. System upgrades focused on improvements for both the end customer and internal staff (such as financial, technology and marketing).


Another need was to manage the delivery of the projects. The testing demands came not just from the customer’s technology area, but from a number of third-party system vendors. It was necessary to prioritize project delivery and ensure information security.


What was done internally by the client and demanded a lot of energy became our responsibility. We assume the full risk of managing these test environments, covering all monitoring, continuous improvement and project management activities.


We install more reliable testing environments, with certification levels, that provide more reliability in testing. In addition our project managers help and optimize the production and updating of the systems. As a result, we have brought more efficiency, profitability and budget control of the area.



More qualified tests thanks to more reliable environments;

More synergy between areas thanks to the support of project managers;

Reduction of financial impacts related to system errors.



Task, ticket, and service flow control tools (Remedy, ALM, HP);

Tools for control of documentation and operative instructions;

Tools Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Enterprise Manager;

Webmethods: Integration Server;

Weblogic Server 12C

Amdocs: CRM, Billing

Operational systems: Linux, Sun SolarisWindows;

Environment SAP Basis;

Databases: Oracle ,SQL Server, Mysql;

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