Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (or IOT) has made possible great advances that transform the day to day of the consumers. They are objects and devices with technology that allow you to connect to the internet and communicate with other devices to make resources available, store and transfer data. This opens up a range of possibilities!

A security camera installed in a particular market, for example, besides the obvious functions (of surveillance, of course!), Can, by means of motion sensors, calculate the number of people that are visiting the numerous corridors and the average time spent in each of the gondolas. And all this synchronized so that the information is accessed in real time, helping to create marketing campaigns and product allocation much more efficiently!

And the opportunities are not restricted to retail! Sectors such as telecommunications, logistics, industry and agriculture can also count on technology tailored to your business. This technology can bring much more control to your company and enable truly personalized deliveries to your customer.

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