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Cloud Computing

Access your data from anywhere quickly and safely. That's the idea of ​​cloud computing.

For those who do not know, companies store their data on machines that are called servers. Each time you use a system within your company (whether it is to register customers, enter information about sales of products and services, or record your employees' history), it is as if the program searched this data on the server and brought it to the screen of your computer.

Preserving these servers is no easy task. In addition to the trained personnel, a physical structure is needed to protect these machines from any threat. Even physical: power outages, floods or even fires can end the whole history of your company.

In addition, there is still the planning challenge. Digital data occupy physical space. And then you need a very specific calculation: predict how much memory / disk your business will need. Generally, for security, companies decide to make more space available than they need. Often companies use only up to 30% of the server's capacity, wasting resources.

Cloud computing comes to aid in these challenges. Specialized companies store these servers in specially developed locations and make their access available through the internet. More security against physical and digital threats.

This concept is so modern that new businesses are already born within that environment. But if your company still has physical servers, that's fine. There are projects that allow migration to this scenario. And you can still save money on that.

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