18 de October de 2018

4G Technology in Brazil

Industry advancements and challenges Brazil ended the first half of the year with 4G Internet operating in more than 4,000 Brazilian municipalities, where about 94% of the population lives. The […]
18 de October de 2018

Fourth industrial revolution

What is Industry 4.0 and How It Can Impact Our Lives   The first industrial revolution occurred from the 18th century, with the invention of steam engines. About 300 years […]
18 de October de 2018

Enterprise Data Security

  Learn the main practices for protecting yourself from virtual threats In the current era, data is considered the new oil and your company should know how to protect this […]
18 de October de 2018

Managed Service

  How to make your IT area more efficient Outsourcing of specific services within companies are already common market practices. With the IT area increasingly aligned with the company’s objectives, […]
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