Artificial intelligence

Decision-Making Softwares

Intelligence: ability to learn, understand, adapt to new situations and solve new problems. These human characteristics are also being replicated to the software developed by us.

And the learning journey of these new tools, just as it is with us (humans), is based on experience. The main idea is that the programs have the ability to decide the best option from pre-established standards. And with every solution found for an unscheduled scenario, that experience is recorded and becomes standard for other similar problems. That is, with each 'experience' the database increases and the program becomes 'smarter'. And this is not a futuristic film, in which machines take control and everything becomes chaos. In fact, this comes to help and increasingly is part of our day-day, facilitating our daily lives. Just see the voice assistants of our smartphones, the self-service of some stores or even the suggestions of buying on online sites.

Have you noticed that ads on the internet are increasingly personalized with what you are looking for? These applications can be used in a variety of markets. Efficiency in decision-making becomes much more assertive in much less time.

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